Yoga: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement

By J. Avison

Format: Paperback

The presentation of fascial anatomy in this book provides a new context for applying knowledge of the anatomical body in a practical way that's relevant to movement. Applying fascial anatomy to yoga offers helps the yoga teacher understand in three dimensions how we really move. This enables the yoga teacher to work more creatively with clients.

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Handspring Publishing

Handspring publishes across the entire range of bodywork and manual therapies, including movement – from yoga to fitness. They publish for professionals – for teachers, therapists, and the trainers who run courses for them.

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By studying the application of fascial anatomy to yoga the yoga teacher will be able to expand each individual yoga student's optimum adaptability and mobility. This new contextual presentation of applied anatomy will provide the teacher with the tools to promote freedom and confidence in every student of yoga. By using insights from scientific research presented through case studies, the tendency to overwork the tissue and decrease vulnerability to soft tissue injury in the long-term, can be lowered. The visual design and presentation through metaphor embody the difference between sitting statically at a desk reading about movements and parts - and moving through the environment being animated, in action. Between these two experiences is a divide that this book seeks to cross.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Handspring Publishing
Publication Date 14 Jan 2015
ISBN 9781909141018
Number of Pages 376

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