Wrecks & Reefs of Southeast Scotland

100 Dives from the Forth Road Bridge to Eyemouth

By Mike Clark

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The guide for diving the Firth of Forth and southeast Scotland. Identifies newly-found important shipwrecks and provides GPS coordinates. Written by a highly-experienced and qualified diver. Provides a wealth of information including historic details.

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Situated on the south side of the Firth of Forth, the port of Leith, Edinburgh, is a major harbour for warships and cruise liners. Over hundreds of years it has been a trading port and a military dockyard. With Rosyth Dockyard situated further west, this busy waterway has two historically-important destinations for vessels and over time, many vessels were sunk during storms, failed to avoid collisions or were wartime victims of U-boats or aircraft. From Leith Docks the river widens forming a huge estuary filled with volcanic islands and submerged pinnacles that are blasted by fierce tidal streams, providing an opportunity for some fantastic scenic diving. This is also the final resting place of hundreds of shipwrecks, many of which are of especial historical importance. For the diver there is so much to explore in these new and exciting deeper wrecks that have the added attraction of being little known. These wrecks include an aircraft carrier, a German light cruiser that saw action at the Battle of Jutland, aircraft and even steam-powered submarines are all there waiting to be dived.

Unlike the well-documented and dived River Clyde wrecks on the west coast, or those in the English Channel, these in the Firth of Forth are rarely mentioned - although many lie within a 20-mile radius of Edinburgh. The author has dived all the 100 sites and wrecks in the book and as a professional underwater photographer has provided truly atmospheric images that capture the special identity of these East coast wrecks and reefs. As well as his detailed knowledge of the sites, the author has also given his recommendations for dive sites, including their GPS positions, safety, and skill level required. Practical information such as dive centres, dive boats, accommodation and onshore activities is also included. This guide will help divers select the best dives to suit local weather conditions and to find the best scenic sites. It includes all the new and exciting dive sites recently found in areas such as Burntisland, North Berwick, Dunbar, St. Abbs and Eyemouth and information on how best to dive them - an absolute must for divers visiting this area!

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Additional Information

Format Multiple Formats
Imprint Whittles Publishing
Publication Date 20 Oct 2010
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'The author has dived all the 100 sites and wrecks, and as a professional underwater photographer has provided truly atmospheric images of these wrecks and reefs. ... Clearly, this book is an absolute "must" for divers visiting the area.' The Nautical Magazine 'The book covers a hundered dives and full of historic details, including newly-found important shipwrecks with photographs and maps and GPS co-ordinates.' Tanked Up Click on the following to see some great reviews! Finstrokes, Edinburgh Evening News, YD Scuba Community, Conger Alley Scottish Scuba Forum. '...stunning photographs of wrecks he's uncountered there, in a fascinating book which reveals a seabed in rich colour.' Edinburgh Evening News 'This is a well-written and useful addition to the UK dive-guide canon.' Diver.net '...provide the reader with a potted history of some very interesting wrecks. They also provide a useful and informative tourist guide to the area.' Ausmarine

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