Winter, Awake!

By Linda Kroll

Illustrator: Ruth Lieberherr

Format: Paperback

This delightfully illustrated book tells the story of the year Winter would not wake and teaches children about the coming of the seasons.

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Product Description


The coming of winter plays an important role in the cycle of nature. In this delightfully illustrated story, young children can find that for every thing there is a season.

Winter, Awake! tells what happens one year when Winter will not wake.

The tired trees need to rest. Their fallen leaves have made a leafy blanket for the sleeping seeds. All the woodland creatures try to tell Winter their work is done.

They scold and mock and urge, but Winter will

not wake, until, at last, the round red ladybird

in her small, soft voice whispers something

gently in his ear-- and mighty Winter wakes!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Bell Pond Books
Publication Date 1 Mar 2004
ISBN 9780880105286

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