What's Beyond That Star

A Chronicle of Geomythic Adventure

By Richard Leviton

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Clairview Books

Clairview Books is an independent publishing company with a focus on cutting-edge, challenging non-fiction books. Whether on current affairs, health, the arts, science or spirituality, their books question conventional thinking, dogmas and all forms of received wisdom. Their list features some big names, such as world leader Mikhail Gorbachev, literary giant Gore Vidal, modern artist Joseph Beuys, birthing guru Michel Odent, and many more.

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Carlos Castaneda meets Jack Kerouac in an unforgettable true story: a metaphysical quest for the Grail through initiation and inner vision....Disillusioned with his life as an entrepreneur in the mid-1980s, Richard Leviton headed for the ancient Celtic town of Glastonbury, England, on a quest for meaning. Arriving on Easter Sunday, his rebirth as a modern Grail knight was soon to begin. What's Beyond That Star records the true story of Leviton's spiritual awakening and his subsequent adventures on a metaphysical search for the Holy Grail, tracing his inner and outer journeys. Guided by a psychic friend and the family of angels whom he comes to know as Blaise, Leviton finds himself initiated into new realms of consciousness. One day he is an ordinary person relying on the relatively dense perception of the five senses, the next he is living in a world full of angels, gnomes, demons and dragons.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Clairview Books
Publication Date 29 Aug 2002
ISBN 9781902636320
Number of Pages 288

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