Webster's Shape Up Your English

For Intermediate Speakers of English, Speak and Write More Fluent English and Avoid Common Mistakes: 2017

By Betty Kirkpatrick, Sue Moody

Edited by Eleanor Abraham

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For competent readers and speakers of English (level B1/B2), this book aims to help take an understanding of written and spoken English a few steps further, to help readers to speak idiomatic English fluently and comfortably, and to encourage a practical approach to mastering written English.  In order to present yourself well, it is important to have a competent grasp of 'good English'. But sometimes it is as important to know when you can break the rules as it is to know the rules themselves.  This book emphasizes that while it is essential to have a good understanding of English grammar and usage it is also necessary to keep that usage modern and natural sounding.  Shape Up Your English presents this information in accessible, bitesized chunks. The text has many headings and subheadings to make reading easier, and 'fact boxes' present vital tips and fascinating snippets of extra information in an interesting way. In addition, an extensive index and table of contents make cross-referring easy.  In order to communicate with a wide range of people in a wide range of situations in a fluent and natural way, readers should have a good grasp of English grammar, a sound knowledge of spoken English andi ts pronunciation, and a familiarity with English idioms. Idioms are phrases where the obvious meaning of the words involved can be far removed from the actual meaning of the phrase. It is important to understand this aspect of language, beyond the obvious literal meaning of the words, in order to be truly fluent.  Shape Up Your English gives a comprehensive overview of vital aspects of English language study, to enable readers to perfect their written and spoken English.This book has information on:* Keeping spoken English natural sounding and fluent* Spoken English conversation and pronunciation* Modern English usage and grammar* English idioms, cliches, similes and proverbs* Sentences: subject, predicate, object, clauses and phrases* Parts of speech: adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, determiners,nouns, prepositions, pronouns, verbs* Phrasal verbs and common word pairs* Confusable words and common errors* Punctuation* Writing* Reading comprehension and literary terms* Making a speech

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Gresham Publishing
Publication Date 30 Nov 2016
ISBN 9781910965382
Number of Pages 384

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