Ways into Christian Meditation

By Bastiaan Baan

Translator: Philip Mees

Format: Paperback

Describes a decades-old approach to meditation which stems from western Christianity rather than eastern traditions.

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Floris Books

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Product Description


Meditation has long been a path to self-awareness, as well as a way of consciously building a bridge into the spiritual world. Many of the most popular techniques originated in eastern traditions, but this book describes a decades-old approach that comes from western Christianity.

The author starts by describing the steps necessary to make meditation possible, drawing on some of the ideas of Rudolf Steiner. He goes on to discuss different forms of meditation, such as 'review of the day', meditations on specific words and images, and meditations for the deceased.

Finally he describes a specifically Christian approach, with a few words and sentences from the Gospel of St John leading to several fruitful subjects for meditation.

This is a deep, insightful book from an experienced priest.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Floris Books
Publication Date 25 Jun 2015
ISBN 9781782502128
Number of Pages 160

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