Wallace Milroy

Authors: Wallace Milroy was recently honoured with the 2010 'Lifetime Achievement Award' along with his brother Jack by Whisky Magazine. Wallace and Jack are legends of the whisky industry. In the 1960s they opened up swinging London to malt whisky. The brothers introduced malt whisky to hotels, and clubs in London including Claridges, and The Ritz. The whisky industry owes much to them. The Milroy Brothers gave advice and wisdom to the world from their shop in Soho. Hugely respected for their plain speaking and great knowledge of whisky, they are admired internationally for their simplicity, clarity and plain speaking. Neil Wilson is a whisky writer, and publisher. His first book on whisky, Scotch and Water, was published over 25 years ago and his area of expertise is Hebridean whiskies.

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