A Guide for Making Personal Choices

By Hans-Peter Studer

Edited by Geoffrey Douch

Translator: Matthew Barton

Format: Paperback

Offers clear information about vaccinations, including danger levels of various diseases, possible benefits, and how vaccinations actually work. Updated edition.

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Floris Books

Floris Books is an independent publishing company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2016 Floris won the Saltire Society Scottish Publisher of the Year. Floris Books is the largest children's book publisher in Scotland and are well known for the Kelpies range of Scottish children's books. They also publish international children’s books and an extensive list of non-fiction books, including alternative education, agriculture, health, parenting and religion.

Product Description


While many parents are happy to follow official recommendations about vaccination, others avoid any vaccination for their children.

This little guide will help parents come to their own informed decision based on clear information. It explains the different danger levels of various diseases, which are sometimes related to age. It also informs readers about the way different vaccinations work, and explores their benefits as well as potential risks.

This is a second edition, fully revised and updated with the latest guidelines and recommendations.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Floris Books
Publication Date 12 Feb 2010
ISBN 9780863157349

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