Training Within Industry

The Foundation of Lean

By Donald A. Dinero

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Winner of a Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing Research Training Within Industry, by Donald Dinero, explores a crucial piece of a Lean initiative that has been overlooked throughout U.S. industry. The Training Within Industry (TWI) program - developed by the United States during World War II - has been used by Toyota for decades! This powerful program standardizes training processes and assists front-line supervisors in teaching new operations to workers quickly and effectively. Dinero completely explores the history and application of the four modules that compose TWI:Job Instruction - in which employees are trained to perform their tasks as quickly as they are capable with minimal waste; Job Methods - in which employees are taught how to improve their processes using existing resources; Job Relations - in which personnel problems are solved in an analytical, non-emotional manner so that employees are focused on a stated objective; and Program Development - in which robust training plans are developed to meet the particular needs of a specific plant. Readers of Training Within Industry will see that standardized work imparts measurable continuous improvement because it sets a baseline. It establishes a framework for efficiency and innovation. In addition, the book includes a CD containing the text of original TWI bulletins issued by the U.S. government in the 1940s. Unique and Compelling Features and Benefits: * Provides a key to successfully implementing Lean Thinking * Provides basic knowledge without any non-valued added material * Applies to all positions in all industries * Time tested - has been used for over sixty years and is still successful

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Additional Information

Format Hardback
Imprint Lean Enterprise Academy
Publication Date 1 May 2005
ISBN 9781563273070
Number of Pages 352

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