Tom Fleming

Ron Ferguson is a journalist, short story writer, and a former leader of the Iona Community. He is the author of 12 books including George MacLeod: A Biography (Wild Goose Publications), Chasing The Wild Goose: The Story Of The Iona Community (Wild Goose Publications). Tom Fleming has had an illustrious career in television, radio and the theatre. His professional theatre debut was in a company led and directed by Edith Evans in 1945. In 1953 he co-founded the Edinburgh Gateway Company and from 1962-4 was a leading member of the Royal Shakespeare Company with whom he toured in eleven countries. Since 1993, his portrayal of George MacLeod in Every Blessed Thing has won him standing ovations from packed houses in London, Edinburgh, New York, Toronto, Orkney and Iona. George MacLeod, the founder of the Iona Community, was a charismatic man of prayer and action whose life spanned the 20th century. Giving up a promising career as minister to the middle classes in Edinburgh, he took up a post in the poor and depressed area of Govan in Glasgow, where he moved inexorably towards socialism and pacifism and his theology became more mystical, cosmic and political. In 1938 he initiated the venture of restoring the ancient abbey on Iona, out of which the Iona Community developed.