Thinking About Snow

By Judith McClure

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Product Description


Judith McClure is known to many in Scotland and indeed in the wider world as an innovative  and outward-looking educationalist. But what many people do not know - and that applies to her countless friends in all walks of life - is that she spent a number of years as a nun. How she came to do that, and what happened to her in those years is the subject of this beautiful memoir.

What emerges from this book is a sense of Judith's intensely engaging personality. This is a story of a spiritual journey, but it is also an account of how such a journey takes place in a social and political context. In particular, it provides a critique of of authority and the role that authority may seek to play in religious life. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Hardback
Imprint Birlinn Limited
Publication Date 23 Aug 2018
ISBN 9780956527875
Number of Pages 96

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