There is One Among Us

Shorter Songs for Worship

By Wild Goose Worship Group

Format: CD-Audio

Offering 30 songs for worship, this work encourages "hesitant" musical groups to sing in harmony, and develop patterns of worship and prayer. Each song is accompanied by suggestions for its use, and an appendix of prayers, and readings that may be used in association with the music.

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Wild Goose Publications

Wild Goose Publications is part of the Iona Community, which is an ecumenical movement of men and women from different walks of life and different traditions in the Christian church.

Product Description


This follow-up to the bestselling songbook Come All You People offers 40 previously unpublished songs of similar variety which have been sung in prisons, on pilgrimages, at open air festivals, by cathedral choirs, and teenage and in-house music groups. They are short songs, some from present day Scotland, some from the World Church. They help people to participate and move in worship in a way that conventional hymns cannot and can be used as a tool to help create innovative styles of worship. The book includes hints on using the material and an appendix of readings and prayers for use with the songs.

  • Agnus Dei (Aidan)

  • Alleluia (Duncan)

  • Amen alleluia

  • Ameni

  • Be still and know (i)

  • Be still and know (ii)

  • Bless the Lord

  • Bring your best to their worst

  • Deo gratias (PSC)

  • First born of Mary

  • Give thanks, worship and praise the Lord

  • God's eye be within me

  • Goodness is stronger than evil

  • Halle, halle, halle (Caribbean)

  • Hallelujah (Korea)

  • In love you summon, in love I follow

  • Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ

  • Kyrie eleison (Bridget)

  • Kyrie eleison (Chad)

  • Lo, I am with you (to the end of the world)

  • Lord Jesus Christ, lover of all

  • Lord of life, we come to you

  • Lord, draw near

  • Lord, in your mercy (hear our prayer)

  • Lord, you can turn all mourning into dancing

  • Magnificat (G min)

  • Mayenziwe

  • My eyes are dim with weeping

  • Night has fallen

  • Nothing in height or in depth

  • O brother Jesus (where have we left you)

  • O Lamb of God (Constantine)

  • O Lamb of God (Moss)

  • On God alone, I wait silently

  • Sanctus (Aidan)

  • Stand firm

  • The peace of the earth (be with you)

  • There is one among us

  • This is the body of Christ

  • We will take what you offer


Additional Information

Additional Information

Format CD-Audio
Imprint Wild Goose Publications
Publication Date 1 Jul 2004
ISBN 9781901557213

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