The Working Parents' Guide to Raising Happy and Confident Children

By Nadim Saad

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Best of Parenting

Drawing on their experience in early childhood education, as Parenting Coaches, and as parents, Carole and Nadim Saad have helped thousands of parents with their programme of practical tools designed to empower parents by giving them more effective alternatives to nagging, yelling, threatening, rewarding punishing or giving in. Kids Don't Come With a Manual offers simple and effective tools that every parent can use to make parenting more enjoyable and more fulfilling.

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Raising happy, confident children is a challenging undertaking for many modern families, often with two working parents, constant time pressure and the inevitable guilt that occurs as a result.  Through a series of easy-to-apply tools, parenting expert Nadim Saad shows time-poor parents how they can radically improve their family life by tailoring and applying the knowledge and skills that they have already developed in the workplace.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Best of Parenting
Publication Date 28 Sep 2016
ISBN 9780993174377
Number of Pages 192

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