The Treacle Well

By Moira Forsyth

Format: Paperback

Daniel and Caroline are closest to each other, twins for whom the rest of the world is always distant. After the death of their mother and their father's remarriage they are sent to separate boarding schools, then a dramatic accident when they are students divides them again.

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Esther dreamed she was going backwards, time was going backwards. Back and back, faster the further she went, through her own unfurling life. Leaves leap from the ground, reattach themselves to trees, soften and colour, blaze briefly, turn green, then begin to curl up, tighter and tighter, into bud. The sun falls and rises, comes and goes behind scudding clouds. Buildings vanish and older, more complicated structures, then simpler ones, take their place. The sea recedes, the snow softly, softly floats up into a leaden sky. The familiarity of the kitchen had begun to soothe her. My house, she thought, surprised all over again that this was how it was. My kitchen, my home. Here I am, the inheritor, with everything that means. It took an effort these days not to concentrate only on the year of grieving, the year she had just survived, but for once, her mind was travelling farther back.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Sandstone Press Ltd
Publication Date 21 May 2015
ISBN 9781910124277
Number of Pages 350

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'Moira Forsyth writes with warmth and understanding.' The Times

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