The Three Candles of Little Veronica

The Story of a Child's Soul in This World and the Other

By Manfred Kyber

Translator: Rosamond Reinhardt

Illustrator: Iris Guarducci

Format: Paperback

A classic novel from the 1920s which tells a remarkable story in the Grail tradition. For ages 14 and up.

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This classic novel from the 1920s is a remarkable story in the Grail tradition for older teens. For generations, readers have loved this story and discovered its ability to guide us to the magic of nature and to a deeper understanding of human relationships and karma, reminding us of our responsibility to protect innocent creatures.

The excellent translation and exquisite illustrations combine to produce a first-class edition that be read, reread and passed on to friends. More than any treatise on the environment, this book speaks to the reader's heart and awakens a sense of caring and responsibility for the world around us.

This is a remarkable and enduring story in the Grail tradition. The author begins with Veronica's early youth, when she can see beyond the physical appearance of things and can converse with a hedgehog, a blackbird, and other residents in The Garden of Spirits. Accompanied by her cat Mutzeputz and guided by her wise Uncle Johannes, Veronica grows beyond innocence and into the life of the House of Shadows, the Baltic town of Halmar, the cursed Castle Irreloh, and the people whose destiny intersects hers.

As the story unfolds, Veronica learns -- through a playful elemental and with the help of Uncle Johannes Wanderer -- that only a veil separates us from the spiritual world, 'and it lifts more often than people today believe'. The events of joy and terror in her life lead her to a beautiful reconciliation with this duality and to true understanding of the meaning and mystery of the three candles that mark the turning points in her life.

The writing style of The Three Candles of Little Veronica is unique and idiosyncratic. Kyber's earnestness and deeply held spiritual values, as well as his profound concern for the well-being of animals, are evident throughout. His greatest wish was to open the hearts of readers drawn to his work.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Housatonic Press
Publication Date 1 Jan 1975
ISBN 9780913098844
Number of Pages 196

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