The Star Rider and Anna McLoon

Two Tales from Ireland

By Jakob Streit

Translator: Nina Kuettel

Format: Paperback

Two beautiful Irish stories for children exploring issues of life and death, destiny and integrity. In the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum, suitable for Year 6 (age 12) and older.

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This book contains two wonderful stories from master storyteller Jakob Streit.'The Star Rider' is a retelling of an ancient Celtic legend. It tells of a young man who is destined, by the position of the stars at his birth, to have a terrible thing happen to him. It's a story of destiny, acceptance, integrity and injustice, with a heart-warming ending. 'Anna McLoon' is a Celtic story from modern times. It demonstrates the rhythms of the world, through the story of Ireland's last travelling storyteller, and addresses issues of life and death.This book is suitable for Year 6 (age 12) and older, in the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Waldorf Publications
Publication Date 1 Jan 2010
ISBN 9781888365955
Number of Pages 52

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