The Road To Givenchy

By Gavin Dobson

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Strident Publishing

Strident is the home of fiction with bite. They publish novels for children aged 7+, teenagers, young adults and adults. And they don't just like the extraordinary, they aim for it. Their list is intentionally eclectic, with comedy alongside gripping fantasy and adrenaline-fuelled adventure alongside the existential. Variety is indeed the spice of life.

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Optimism is radiating from Europe in 1914 as Harry Mackinnon leaves the Scottish Highlands to take up a summer placement at Belgium's University of Louvain. Engrossed in medieval manuscripts, and delighting in his burgeoning friendships with Prussian aristocrat Ernst, and Sylvie, the daughter of his hostess, there are few hints of the titanic convulsions about to be unleased on the world.

As dinner conversations raise his awareness of the constant discussion of war, it seems the Kaiser has an appetite for conflict. And perhaps he is not the only one.

When Franz Ferdinand is assassinated, Harry witnesses the fear and incredulity of a nation suddenly facing an onslaught from Germany's army as it rampages towards France. Torn between love and outrage, Harry sets out to save those he can, then to track down those who perpetrated atrocities in Louvain.

As battles rage, so do passions. The war's toll on his beloved manuscripts may have been great, but it is nothing compared to the impact on his friendships.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Strident Publishing
Publication Date 28 Feb 2019
ISBN 9781910829264
Number of Pages 400

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