The Ringmaster

By Toby Vintcent

Format: Paperback

The third high-speed thriller set in the world of Formula One from Toby Vintcent, starring corporate espionage officer Matt Straker and female F1 driver, Remy Sabatino.

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Arno Ravilious took the peripheral sport of Formula 1, practised largely by gentlemen players, and turned it into a global powerhouse. What will happen when Ravilious is forced to leave the stage? Some see his momentous departure as the chance to reshape and rebalance the sport, others as their Machiavellian chance to recover what they believe to be theirs. Will the scramble for control of the sport break it up? Is this the end of Formula 1?

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Arcadia Books
Publication Date 28 Jun 2018
ISBN 9781911350132
Number of Pages 400

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