The Pigeon On The Gate

By Melodeon Players From East Anglia

Format: CD-Audio

2 CDs 28 players & 59 tracks!

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Melodeon players from all over East Anglia, playing a typical selection of polkas, schottisches, jigs, waltzes and stepdance hornpipes. These are field recordings made in quiet kitchens and noisy pubs. Track Listing: Pigeon on the Gate; Dennington Polka; Harvest Home; The Entertainer; Stepdance; I Must Go and Leave My Nancy; We’ll Ask Him Round for Tea; St Mary’s Waltz; St Patrick’s Day; Seaman’s Polka; Picking a Chicken With Me; She’s My Lady Love; Pigeon on the Gate; Song Tune; Hornpipe; Home to Donegal; The Keel Row; Dennington Polka; Yarmouth Hornpipe; Alf Peachey’s Polka; Pigeon on the Gate; Wheels; Alf Peachey’s Jig; The Rakes of Mallo; Charlie Rookyard’s Polka; Polka; Untitled; Kiss me Goodnight, Sergeant Major; Stepdance; Mabel’s Waltz; Tiger Smith’s Jig; Pigeon on the Gate; I’ll be Your Sweetheart; Under the Bridges of Paris; Oh Joe the Boat is Going Over; The Merry Widow; Play To Me, Gypsy; Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White; Two Little Girls In Blue; Primrose Polka; Waltz; The Happy Wanderer; Waltzing Over The Water; We’ll Meet Again Under The Roses; Cliffe Hornpipe; Soldier’s Dream; Golden Slippers; Bristol Hornpipe; Seaman’s Polka; Dennington Polka; College Hornpipe; Sweet Smiling Face; Stepdance; Stepdance; Four Hand Reel; Cornriggs; Pigeon On The Gate; Scotland The Brave; The Faithful Sailor Boy; Larry O’Gaffe; Putting On The Style; Jenny Lind; Barndance; Schottische; Schottische; John Brown’s Body; Waltz; Hornpipe; Castle Gardens; Sailor’s Hornpipe; Yarmouth Hornpipe; Long Dance Jig; Schottische; Tommy, Make Room For Your Uncle; Stepdance; Heel And Toe Polka; Jack Davies’ Stepdance; Jimmy Crane’s Stepdance; Jingle Bells; Sailor’s Hornpipe; Butcher’s Boy; Stepdance; Walt; Stepdance Medley; Polka; Waltz; Hornpipe; The Gates Of Edinburgh; Yarmouth Hornpipe; Over The Waves; It’s A Long Way To Tipperary; Schottische; Blaze Away; Garryowen; St Patrick’s Day; Sailor Cut Down In His Prime; Hornpipe; Old Waltz; Comrades; Hornpipe Medley; Waltz For The Veleta; Oh Joe The Boat Is Going Over; Phil The Fluter’s Ball; Bluebell Polka; Jig Medley; Four Hand Reel; Heel And Toe Polka; Hornpipe Medley; Jig Medley; Jingle Bells Polka; Stepdance Medley.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format CD-Audio
Imprint Highlander Distribution
Publication Date 30 Jun 2008

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