The Physiology of Eurythmy Therapy

By Hans-Broder and Elke E. Laue

Translator: David Macgregor

Format: Paperback

An overview of the authors' research into eurythmy therapy.

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Eurythmy is a modern art of movement, and eurythmists work in the realms of art, healing and education. The benefits as a healing social art, for both children and adults, are well known.Rudolf Steiner gave a course on eurythmy therapy in which he described the process of 're-enlivening the whole physiology'. The authors of this book have researched eurythmy therapy for many years and this book is a comprehensive overview of their work.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Floris Books
Publication Date 27 May 2010
ISBN 9780863157400
Number of Pages 160

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Press Reviews

'This study furthers the relevance and accessibility of eurythy therapy, initially by developing means of describing what the therapeutic tools are and how they work. Therapists and doctors need a common language in which to discuss etheric processes and here we find concrete suggestions of how to structure it. The beauty of the suggestions is that they can be tried out ... It is certainly a weighty contribution. It invites scrutiny and will be a stimulating, enriching study for all anthroposophical health professionals curious about etheric dynamics. It is to be highly recommended for eurythmy therapists and doctors in particular.'-- Ingrid Hermansen, Eurythmy Association Newsletter, Summer 2010

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