The Peerie Monster and the Christmas Sneak Thief

By Nyssa Pinkerton

Illustrator: Kylie Tesdale

Format: Paperback

Christmas is always a magical time in the Many Coloured Castle, and this year the Peerie Monster is on a mission. Waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve, she realises that gifts and decorations are vanishing one by one around the Castle. Can the Peerie Monster catch the thief and bring Christmas back to the Castle before Santa arrives?

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Fledgling Press

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Product Description


Christmas in Princess Iona's Many Coloured Castle is always a magical time of year. As self-guardian of the castle, her grubby, hairy little dog, The Peerie Monster, is desperate to discover how Santa is able to sneak in and out without her ever catching him. Hidden beneath the tree on Christmas Eve, she hopes that this is the year she will finally learn his secret. As she waits however, she realises that one by one, decorations and gifts are vanishing from around the Castle. Fortunately, the Peerie Monster is no ordinary dog - she has different coloured eyes and, as anyone can tell you, dogs with different coloured eyes can do magic! Using her magical abilities, she follows the mysterious thief around the castle until she can pounce. Discovering that the thief is nothing more than a lonely little dog even hairier and grubbier than herself, the Peerie Monster welcomes the thief to join her in her mission to catch Santa, as long as they can restore all the stolen items to where they belong. Christmas saved, the two little dogs wait for Santa's arrival, but once again he comes and goes without being spotted, leaving a little surprise for the repentant thief.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Fledgling Press
Publication Date 27 Oct 2014
ISBN 9781905916696
Number of Pages 32

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