The Mackintosh Collection

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357 tunes from 1783 to 1803!

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The 4 collections of music containing 357 tunes published by Robert MacKintosh of Tulliemet, Perthshire from 1783-1803. Complete with the original bass-line clearly presented. Index. A4 Paperback. 167 pages of fun. Track Listing: Lord Balgownies Minuet; Minuetto; Miss Carnegie's MinuetMiss Grace Stewart's Minuet; Gavott; Miss Agnes Gordon's Minuet; Jigg; Miss Bairdds Minuet; Miss Henderson's Minuet; Lady Wallace's Reel; Lady Helenora Home's Minuet; Gavotta; Lady Emelia Kers Minuet; VAR; Air; Lady Marry Ann Carnegie's Minuet; Lady Binnie's Minuet; Quick Step; Miss Bewment's Minuet; Miss Clemie Stewart's Minuet; The Diamond Reel; Miss Burnet Of Monboddo's Reel; Capt Macduff's Delight; Miss Katty Troters Reels; Lady Betty Cochran's Reel; Miss Pringle's Reel; Lady Betty Boyle's Reel; Miss Scot's Reel; Miss Elliot's Reel; Miss Molly Grant's Reel; Miss Campbell's Reel; Miss Grant Of Grant's Reel; Lady Helenora Home's Reel; Miss Jessy Dalrymple's Reel; Miss Stewart's Reel; Miss Carre's Reel; Solo; March; Mrs Oswald of Auchincruive's New Strathspey; The Jockey Club; Mr John Trotter of Castlelaw's Hornpipe; The Duchess of Gordon's Delight; Miss Mary Ann Johnston's Reel; Mrs Fordyce's (Of Ayton's) Strathspey; Lady Susan Gordon's Reel; Lady Dalrymple (North Berwick's) Strathspey; Mr Grant of Rothymurchus Strathspey; Mrs Chas Dalrymples Reel; Sir New Dalrymple Bart. (North Berwick's) Reel; Honble. Miss Sempill's Reel; Sir Alexr. Don's Strathspey; Miss (Dr) Grants Reel; Miss Trotter (Of Bush's) Reel; Miss Oliphant (Rossie's) Strathspey; Miss Isabella McKenzie's Strathspey; Mrs Stennet's Quick Step; Mrs Wallace's Reel; Honble. Mr F Gray's Strathspey; Mrs Trotter (of Castlelaw's) Reel; Miss Annie Robertson; Miss Field's Strathspey; Lord Elcho's Reel; Miss Dalrymple; Mrs Farquharson of Monaltrie's Delight; Mrs Farquharson's Jig; Lessley House; Delgaty Castle; Monaltrie's Strathspey; Garthland House Strathspey; Aboyne Castle; Duke of Gordon's Strathspey; Miss Isabella Robertson's Hornpipe; Lady Baird's New Reel; Miss Gordon (Rockwell's) Reel; Miss Margt. Blair's Strathspey; Major Alves Reel; The Duke of Brunswicks March; Miss Robertson's Fancy; Miss Farquharson (of Invercauld's) Reel; Major James Monro's Strathspey; Mr John Trotter's Reel; Honble Mrs Campbell (Of Lochnell's) Reel; Captn. Campbell (of Lochnell's Reel); Honble. Mr Fraiser (of Lovat's) Reel; Miss Ann Munro's Reel; Miss Fordyce's (of Ayton's) Reel; Miss Mary Johnson's Reel; Sir Jas. G. Baird Bart. Strathspey; Mrs Oswald (of Auchincruive's) Favourite Reel; Miss Mariane Oliphant (Rossie's) Strathspey; Lady Louisa Gordon's Strathspey; Mr Houston (of Jordanhill's) Reel; Miss Elizabeth Magd. Fordyce Strathspey; Dr James Hamilton's Reel; Miss Grace Gordon's Strathspey; Miss Mackenzie's Strathspey; Lady Susan Gordon's Strathspey; Invercauld's Strathspey; The Duke of Gordon's Fancy; Mr Jas. Grant's Strathspey; Mrs Farquharson (of Invercauld's) Reel; The Emperor of Germany's Favourite Air; Lord Drighorn's Reel; Mrs Muir (of Warriston's) Reel; The Duchess of Gordon's New Strathspey; Miss Johnston (Lathrisk's) Strathspey; Miss Barbara Cunningham's Strathspey; Lord Doune's Reel; Marquis of Huntly's New Reel; Mr Stewart Trotter's Reel - Or The Captain's Fancy; Miss Betty Robertson's Reel; Mrs Oswald of Auchincruive's Strathspey; Miss Johnston (of Hilton's) Reel; Genl. Drummond's Reel, or Hasting's Camp; Miss Jane Douglas's Favourite; Let Me In This ae Night; The Last Pint of Ale; Miss Douglass Moncriefs Reel; The Lads of Dunce; Miss Stirling's Reel; Miss Dickson's Reel; Capt. R Smyth's Favourite; The Auld Wife Beyont The Fire; Mrs Smyth (of Methven's) Favourite; Miss Smyth (of Methven's) Favourite; Miss Campbell of Monzies's Reel; I'll Make You Fain To Follow Me; Lady Mackintosh's Reel; Miss Napier of Merchiston Hall's Reel; Cameron Has Got His Wife Again; General Campbell of Monzies's Strathspey; Miss Margaret Campbell (of Saddell's) Reel; The Braes of Bowbether; The Braes of Marr; Willie Winkie's Testament; Mrs Dundas McQueens Reel; Miss Eleonora Robertson's Reel; The Breast Knott; Tail Todle; Miss Graham (of Gartmore's) Strathspey; Mrs Oswald (of Auchincruive's) New Reel; Miss Douglas's Strathspey; Cheap Meal; Mrs Blair of Blair's Strathspey; Miss Margaret Oswald (of Scotstown's) Reel; The Lees of Loncartie; Dunse Dings All; Blair Drummond's Reel; Mr Bushby Maitlands Strathspey; Countess of Rothes's Strathspey; Duble Kiss's; The High Road to Linton; The Lads of Air; Miss M Rose's Reel; Captain Pryce Gordon of Glen Lockarts Strathspey; Miss Campbell of Saddell's Reel; Miss Barstow's Reel; Miss Corbett's Strathspey; Mrs Mosman's Strathspey; Miss Margaret Graham's (of Gartmore's) Favourite; Miss Betty Kerr's Reel; Miss Jane Campbell of Monzies's Strathspey; Lady Mary Montague's Reel; Miss Katty Halls; Miss Mary Douglas's Strathspey; Donald Clearruch or the Neat Shoe; Suckie Bids Me; Mr Oswald of Auchincruive's Strathspey; Miss Campbell (of Saddells) Strathspey; The Humours of Dublin; The Back of the Change House; Janney Dang the Weaver; Over the Water to Charlie; Miss Jenny Elliot's Strathspey; Miss Margaret Gordon (of Lessmores) Strathspey; The Countess of Loudon's Reel; Stewart's Reel; Duddingston Castle; Fight about the Fire Side; Lord Rollo's Reel; Miss Sophia Campbell (of Saddell's) Reel; Pat Riot; Jenny's Bawbee; Mrs George Johnson (of Byker's) Reel; Miss Ommanny's Reel; Miss Johnson of Byker's Reel; Leut. Colonel Montgomery's Reel; The Bonny Lass; Miss Margt. Gordon of Lessmore's Reel; Lady Bairds New Reel; Buckingham House of Athole Brose; Mr Menzies of Culdair's Strathspey; Miss Maitland (of Freugh) Reel; Sir James Bairds New Strathspey; Miss Hog (of Newliston's) Reel; Miss Mackinzie's Reel; Mrs Russell (of Blackhall's) Strathspey; Miss Robertson's Reel; Miss Mary MacDonald of Clanronald's Reel; Miss Ester Oswald (of Auchincruive's) Strathspey; Miss Douglas's; Lady Georgina Gordon's Reel; Monsieur, The Count D'Artois's Reel; Lord Elphinston's Reel; Lady Lucinda Ramsay's New Strathspey; Mrs H R Draytons Reel; Miss Margaret Graham (of Gartmore's) Strathspey; La Duc d'Angoleme's Strathspey; Sir William Dick's Reel; Miss J Rose's Reel; Mrs Menzies of Culdair's Strathspey; Leut. Howard Douglas's Strathspey; Miss Grace Hay's Reel; Miss Grace Speirs of Elderslie's Reel; Mrs Roy (of Nenthorn's) Favourite; Miss Nancy Dick's Reel; Mrs Maitland of Rankeillor's Reel; Miss Isabella Robertson's Reel; Dr Gregory Grant's Strathspey; Lady Doune's Reel; Miss Jessy Cumings Strathspey; Miss Oswald (of Scotstown's) Reel; Miss Barbara Hay's Favourite; Miss Jane Wedderburn's Reel; Sleepy Maggie; Neil Gows Strathspey; Mrs Anderson's Reel; Carlin is your Daughter ready - Or the Bob O'Dooly; The Dutchess of Manchester's Favourite; The Duke of Manchester's Fancy; Mrs Garden of Troup's Reel; The Duke of Gordon's Favourite; Miss Mary Douglass's Favourite; Mrs Lloyds Favourite Reel; Miss Garden of Troups Favourite; Mr Aldriges Favourite Hornpipe; Mrs Gillies's Strathspey; The Old Highland Laddie; Hey ho Johnie Lad; The Reel; The Colledge Hornpipe; The Isle of Sky; Countess of Sutherlands Reel; Mr Garden of Troups Strathspey; Musette; Mrs Duff's Reel; The Prince of Wales's Strathspey; Lady Charlotte Campbells Reel; Lady Charlotte Campbell's Strathspey; Miss Lantour's Reel; Mrs Pryce Gordon's Reel; Rothymurchews Strathspey; Loch Errick Side or the Dutchess of Gordon's Favourite; Double Kisses; Hilton Lodge; Kiss me Sweetly; I am O'er Young to Marry Yet; Miss Mary Mackay's Reel; Lady Louisa Ramsays Strathspey; Fight About the Fire Side; Mrs Richard Walpole's Reel; Your Welcome to Your Foot; Mrs Maitland of Freugh's Reel; This is Not My Ain House; The Reel; The Calledonian Hunts Delight; Kiss the Lass You Like Best; The Lads of Dunce; Lady Mary Montagues Reel; Mrs Wildmans Strathspey; The Athole Commers; Sir John Stewarts of Garintully's Reel; Lady Catherine Stewart Strathspey; Lady Charlotte Goolds Reel; Mrs Mary Garden of Troup's Reel; Lady Charlotte Lennox Reel; Lady Louisa MacDonald's Strathspey; Lady S Montgomery's Reel; The Marquis of Lornes Strathspey; Miss Ferguson's Reel; Marquis of Huntly New Strathspey; Lady Mary Montgomery's Reel; Mr Wilson's Hornpipe; Sir David Hunter Blair; Miss Amelia Stewart; Miss Fordyce of Ayton's Favourite Reel; Mr Lumsden of Blaincarn's Strathspey; Miss Campbell's Reel; Borlum's; Mrs Campbells Reel; Light and Airy; Lady Mary Osburn's Reel; Miss Mercer's Reel; Miss Hays Reel; Mr F. Garden Junr. Of Troups Strathspey; Miss Wildman's Reel; Lady Elizabeth Coles Reel; Miss Macleod of Macleods Reel; Miss Russell of Blackhall; Lady Chatherine Pelhams Reel; Mrs Macleod of Macleods Strathspey; Lady Wallaces Reel; Petticoats Loose; Mr Maitland of Freugh Reel; Lord Chief Barons Favourite; Honble Mrs Maules Reel; Miss Maules Strathspey; Miss E Macleods Reel; Mrs Fraser of Lovats Strathspey; Lady Elisabeth Montague's Reel; Lady Elisabeth Montague's Jig; Cauld Kail, or the Sutter's Fragments; Lochail's Away to France; Bonny Annie; There is no Luck About the House; Lady Catherine Bligh's Reel; Mr Garden of Troup's Return Home from Bath; The Dutchess of Manchesters New Strathspey; The 4th of July; Quick Step; Miss Betty Robertson's Reel; Yankie Doodle; Lord Hinchinbrooks Reel; Mr John George Campbells Reel; Lady Madelina Sinclair's Reel; Miss Stevensons Reel; Lady Charlotte Cadogans Reel; Lady Bromes Strathspey; Dutchess of Bedfords Reel; Colonel Campbell of Shaufields Strathspey; The Marquis of Huntley's Strathspey; Miss Steel of Norwich's Reel; Lady Perths Strathspey; Janny Nettles; The Three Sisters Reel; The Little Men of the Mearns (or Mr Garden of Troups Favourite); Mrs Dupree's Reel; Wat Ye Who You Met The Streen (or Jas. Douglas Favourite); The Reel; The Dutchess of Dorsets Reel; Mrs Captn. Ross; Miss Ann Mackays Favourite (or I'll Make Ye Fain to Follow Me)

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Highlander Distribution
Publication Date 9 Jan 2003

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