The Kitchen Witch

A Year-round Witch's Brew of Seasonal Recipes, Lotions and Potions for Every Pagan Festival

By Soraya

Format: Paperback

A year-round recipe book for home cooking and natural remedies by Soraya. An opportunity to create love and positive energy in the home and for loved ones.

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You don't need to be Wiccan to enjoy this friendly book of home cooking and natural remedies. To the kitchen witch, every recipe is like a little spell bringing the opportunity to create love and positive energy in the home and for loved ones. This year-round guide to seasonal recipes and rituals for all the pagan festivals, will be invaluable to Wiccans wishing to celebrate the good things that are given to us by the land. Wicca is a peaceful, balanced and harmonious way of life.The word 'witch' comes from the words 'wise' or 'wisdom' and witches or Wiccans originally were called 'The Wise Ones.' They also study natural remedies and the infl uences of the cycles of the moon and the planets. Witches seek to harm noone, knowing that the energy they send out comes back threefold. The Kitchen Witch follows the eight pagan festivals: Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh and Mabon. This book is about being at one with nature, and the four elements. During these festivals birth, life, death, rebirth and union are celebrated. The celebrations involve sharing food with loved ones or friends. Each of the eight festivals has delicious recipes using a variety of seasonal foods and foods commonly found in most kitchens. There is also information on herbs, plants, spices, fl owers and essential oils that you can use for spell or circle work, and homemade lotions and potions. This book is a guide for the everyday witch that can be enjoyed by everyone. Soraya is a white witch, and an internationally renowned author and psychic. She writes for The Weekly News, a leading weekly paper. She is the author of Tarot, Spells, Psychic Powers and Runes.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Geddes and Grosset
Publication Date 18 May 2011
ISBN 9781849340700
Number of Pages 234

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