The Importance of Manners

By HG Watt

Format: Paperback

A slapstick, satircial novel taking a motley crew of hapless, pampered Europeans on a journey into their very own 'Heart of Darkness'.

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Freight Books

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Product Description


Burt Darwin is a writer and world religions specialist. Lady Chanel Mallory, a former hand model, has married into the aristocracy and loves romance novels. Her husband Lord Percy, a natural cynic, mistakenly thinks she's French. Sister Mary dresses like Mother Teresa and hopes to be a nun one day. Four passengers on a cruise ship, thrown together by chance, experience the mysteries and contradictions of contemporary Africa when they take an ill-judged trip into the interior. As each is exposed to ancient African mythology and belief, their hypocrisies, petty jealousies and venality are revealed - with hilarious and unforgettable results. The Importance of Manners is a slapstick, satirical comic novel for adults in the vein of Alexander McCall Smith, Evelyn Waugh and PG Wodehouse, from an acclaimed YA author.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Freight Books
Publication Date 20 Apr 2015
ISBN 9781910449202
Number of Pages 192

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