The Falkirk Music Pot

By Brian McNeill

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The Falkirk Music Pot is one of three projects forming part of the Falkirk Creative Place 2014 Award programme. Track Listing: CD 1: 01 The Lads ‘O The Fair (Brian McNeill); 02 The Kelpies Suite Including Myth, We Toss Our Mains and Wait, We See Them Run, Majesty, The Kelpies’ Promise and Mystery (Falkirk School Ensemble); 03 You Are The Pillar (Mercy Nyirongo & Pupils of Bandawa Girls Secondary School); 04 Stirling Brig (Bo’ness and Carriden Band); 05 A Mariner Who’s Never Been To Sea (Andy McKean, Marc Duff & Brian McNeill) ; 06 The Terror Time/The Pogoing Painter/Clueless (Pipes - Amy Low); 07 The Boys That Broke The Ground (Brian McNeill & Andy McKean); 08 I’m a Bright Light (Louisa Foley, Robyn Gibb, James Greenaway, Mark Adams & Rachel Paterson); 09 Tam Bain’s Lum/Angus MacKinnon (Fiddles - Sheila Airth, Sandy Harvey, John Johnstone, Mary McElroy, Jennifer Simpson & Lorna Swan); 10 Tae Feed a Hungry Child (Brian McNeill and Sylvia Barnes); CD 2: 01 Ndibwerera – Am Coming Home (Mercy Nyirongo, Faith Banda, Dyna Mphepo & Memory Msowoya, plus the pupils of Bandawa Girls Secondary School); 02 The Great Wheel/Schiehallion (John Somerville, Marc Duff & Steven Holland); 03 The Men of Twenty Three (Willy Thomson); 04 Mr Graham Stirling of Airth’s Strathspey/Airth Castle (Rita McAllister); 05 The Travelling Nation’s Pride (Sylvia Barnes); 06 Sergeant Stuart “Gus“ Millar/Blackness Castle/William Marshall/Ochil View (Pipes – Emma Buchan); 07 The Carron River (Andrew Howie); 08 Bothkenner/The Beauty O’ The Bing (Brian McNeill & John Somerville); 09 Train Tracks (Liam McIntosh & Ellie Williams – Bo’ness Academy); 10 My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose (Bo’ness and Carriden Band); 11 The Best O’ The Barley (Brian McNeill); 12 Phala Phala Phala (Prisca Chirwa and Pupils of Bandawa Girls Secondary School).

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format CD-Audio
Imprint Highlander Distribution
Publication Date 1 May 2015

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