The Big Men

By Joe Pieri

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Neil Wilson Publishing

Neil Wilson Publishing is a small, independent company which prides itself on being innovative and original. Under five imprints they produce a wide range of books with a Scottish flavour.

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The Northern Division was the name given to the police force which operated within Glasgow City boundaries prior to the creation of the Strathclyde Police Force. Its recruits were drawn largely from ex-servicement who were demobbed after World War II and, as a result, they became known as The Big Men. Their name was well-deserved as they set about clearing Glasgow's streets of the gangland "neds" who had overrun the city during the war. They took no prisoners and gained a fearsome reputation for no-nonsense street policing. This biography is written by a man who was close to them. Joe Pieri's cafe, the Savoy in Cowcaddens, was a haunt for policemen on the beat, with a blue police box situated just outside. The back shop often had a policeman in it, keeping an eye on the blue light atop the box as he made out his beat journal or had a drink. Cowcaddens was a tough city which added to the reputation of Glasgow as a mean city, but Joe has maintained a living record of what those days were really like. In this volume, he offers an insight into how the city was tamed and crime kept in check by the Big Men.

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Additional Information

Format Multiple Formats
Imprint Neil Wilson Publishing
Publication Date 19 Mar 2001
SKU 9781903238073-grouped
Number of Pages 192

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