The Beejum Book

By Alice O. Howell

Format: Paperback

When Teak is lonely she travels to the imaginary world she has created filled with fascinating characters. This insightful book explores a child's instinct to use imagination to offer comfort and deal with anxiety.

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Teak is travelling with her parents across Europe between the two World Wars. With no friends and her parents often working, she is very lonely. To comfort Teak when they are apart, her mother tells her that they can meet in the imaginary world Teak has created called Beejumstan.

Teak's travels to this magical realm bring her face to face with Lonesome, a well-attired rabbit; Figg Newton, the alchemist; the witches Rudintruda and Idy Fix; Gezeebius, the Wise Old Man; and many other fascinating characters.

Through this enchanting tale, Alice O. Howell suggests that within us are many worlds as real and compelling as the one we know outside. Partly autobiographical, The Beejum Book explores a child's instinct to use imagination to offer comfort and deal with anxiety, an impulse that we can all be inspired by.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Bell Pond Books
Publication Date 1 Nov 2010
ISBN 9780880107297

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