The Bedside Urban Voltaire

By Jack McLean

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Neil Wilson Publishing

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Jack McLean - aka The Urban Voltaire - was one of the most original columnists in the Scottish press. In the 1980s and 1990s he became an institution with a loyal readership as well as a healthy number of opponents and critics.

This is a compilation ebook edition of his columns from the Glasgow Herald and The Scotsman and are guaranteed to entertain, enrage and shock in equal measure depending on your outlook. Very few subjects escaped McLean's distinctive penmanship over those two decades: education, sport, religion, food and women all find a place in the mix. His writing moves speedily from affectionate reverie in one paragraph to scathing wit the next leaving some readers laughing at one moment and seething with indignation the next.

McLean is one of modern journalism's great stylists, a proponent of the written word and remains one of Glasgow's most recognisable icons. Above all he is still great company.

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Additional Information

Format eBook
Imprint Neil Wilson Publishing
Publication Date 21 Aug 2013
ISBN 9781906000622

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