Talking with Tongues

By Brian D Finch

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Luath Press Ltd

Luath Press takes its name from Robert Burns, whose little collie Luath (Gael., swift or nimble) tripped up Jean Armour at a wedding and gave him the chance to speak to the woman who was to be his wife and the abiding love of his life. Burns called one of ' The Twa Dogs' Luath after Cuchullin's hunting dog in Ossian's Fingal. Luath Press was established in 1981 in the heart of Burns country, and is now based a few steps up the road from Burns' first lodgings on Edinburgh's Royal Mile.

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Brian D Finch is a Greek Orthodox Glasgow Irish Scotsman who was born in Lennox Castle in 1954. His mother taught him to read and write before he went to Primary School, where he got belted by the teacher on the first day. The experience has coloured his attitude to authority throughout his entire life.

At the age of eighteen he joined the Royal Air Force. Within five years he purchased his discharge to ‘regain freedom of thought, speech and action.'

He became a bus driver and was sacked from the biggest bus company in Scotland for opposing a pay cut in the letters page of the Herald newspaper. He gave up accountancy training when required to subscribe to an economic theory he considered untrue. Returning to bus driving, he continues to feature regularly on the letters page of the Herald where he proposed a private referendum as a means of subverting the Westminster doctrine of sovereignty of the Crown in Parliament. He is now a Bachelor of Divinity and intends to teach.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Luath Press Ltd
Publication Date 1 Dec 2003
ISBN 9781842820063
Number of Pages 96

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