Tagh Fhèin

By Nick Sharratt Pippa Goodhart

Translator: Johan Smith

Format: Paperback

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Acair Ltd

Acair publish a wide range of Gaelic, English and Bilingual books. From the adventures of Rosie Rabbit and Mr Bear, to the writings of Sorley MacLean and Iain Crichton-Smith they have something for everyone.

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Nam b' urrain dhut a dhol a dh' àite sam bith, càit an deigheadh tu? An tràigh, dlùth-choille, bholcàna, baile mòr, fàsach, air neo dha na speuran?

Cò a thaghadh tu mar charaid? Spùinneadair, ròbot, sìthiche, speuradair, air neo Bodach na Nollaige?

Agus dè a dhèanamh tu mar chur-seachad? Sgitheadh, surfadh, sreap bheanntan, air neo gabhail na grèine?

Siuthad... TAGH FHÈIN!

Imagine you could go anywhere, with anyone and do anything. Where would you live? Where would you sleep? Who would be your friends? What games would you play? Go on . . . you choose! With the help of Nick Sharratt's wonderfully detailed illustrations, Pippa Goodhart looks at a whole range of scenarios where choosing is made fun!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Acair Ltd
Publication Date 17 Mar 2018
ISBN 9780861524976
Number of Pages 32

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