Swaledale and Richmond

the story of a Dale

By Chris Park

Format: Paperback

A beautifully produced book on all aspects of life, history and landscape in Swaledale and Richmond in the famous Yorkshire Dales.

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A beautifully produced book on all aspects of life, history and landscape in one of the most picturesque and interesting corners of England. Swaledale-born Yorkshireman Chris Park has gathered together a wealth of fascinating information to tell the unique story of this ancient dale and its charming town. Barely 20 miles in length, the valley of the Swale has a rich heritage, long traditions and a strong sense of place. People who live there are intensely proud of their dale, and those who visit regularly or stumble upon it for the first time fall under the spell of its scenery, its peace and quiet, and its many opportunities for hillwalking, birdwatching, and the study of history, landscape and industrial archaeology. This wonderful book will appeal to many groups of people, from those connected with the area, to visitors, historians and to anyone interested in Yorkshire's past.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Carnegie Publishing
Publication Date 18 Feb 2014
ISBN 9781874181958
Number of Pages 224

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"Swaledale & Richmond: The Story of a Dale" by Chris Park is a beautiful book about a tiny place: Swaldale Valley in Northern Yorkshire, England. The valley is only about 20 miles long and one mile wide and it is a place almost untouched by modern life, hustle, bustle, and ill fates. This peaceful little spot in England is a reality in storybook form, the place which was the setting for James Harriot's All Creatures Great and Small. If you ever stumble upon it, you will not want to leave because of the peace in your soul. As the book reveals, those who left this spot where they may have been born, left it unmarred and revered in their minds, idyllic pastoral place to return to many times. The hills have yielded iron, copper, and coal, but the unspoiled landscape still has stone buildings and ancient Norman ruins and the small town of Richmond whose Castle Tower is still the center of the landscape. Hikers and photographers love this area, and you will too. If you go or if you don't go, get this charming book and go there in your imagination.

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