Strange Lights Over Bexleyheath

By Mike Harding

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Luath Press Ltd

Luath Press takes its name from Robert Burns, whose little collie Luath (Gael., swift or nimble) tripped up Jean Armour at a wedding and gave him the chance to speak to the woman who was to be his wife and the abiding love of his life. Burns called one of ' The Twa Dogs' Luath after Cuchullin's hunting dog in Ossian's Fingal. Luath Press was established in 1981 in the heart of Burns country, and is now based a few steps up the road from Burns' first lodgings on Edinburgh's Royal Mile.

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Mike Harding was born into an Irish-Catholic family in Manchester in 1944. The tragic death of his father when he was a baby and his working-class upbringing have provided a wealth of inspiration for his music and 'real-life' storytelling. After a somewhat chequered early career, odd-jobbing as a dustman, bus conductor and carpet-fitter, Harding attended university to study Education and worked part-time performing in folk clubs. It was then that he found his calling as an entertainer. Since this time, Mike has proved to be a respected folk musician, actor and presenter. Following on from his music, theatre and radio success, Mike has moved into poetry, travel writing and photography. He currently hosts a show on BBC 2 and has had over 25 books published.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Luath Press Ltd
Publication Date 1 Apr 2010
ISBN 9781906817145
Number of Pages 128

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