Some Writers on Concrete

The Literature of Reinforced Concrete, 1897-1935

By Edwin A. R. Trout

Format: Hardback

An extensive survey of the specialist literature of reinforced concrete covering international development and practice. Covers the period which saw the understanding of the basic technology and its codification. A useful guide to the key publications in the subject and also a fascinating biographical history.

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Product Description


This is a blend of biography and bibliography that traces the emergence and development of the specialist book literature on concrete at a time when reinforced concrete was a new technology. From 1897, and the first complete building of reinforced concrete in the UK to 1935, when the literature mushroomed and the basic technology was understood and codified. Some Writers on Concrete contains the biographies of significant figures from the UK and USA, in the development of concrete technology and provides comprehensive bibliographical coverage of their work published in book form. These include Oscar Faber, C.E. Reynolds, F.M. Lea, C.A.P. Turner, G.A. Hool and Harvey Whipple. It collates the work of numerous writers to form a corpus of literature and engender an understanding of the unfolding narrative of concrete theory and practice. The emergence of specialist organisations aiming to develop the use of concrete took a similar path over this period with the creation of bodies such as the Concrete Institute, the Concrete Utilities Board and the Reinforced Concrete Association which was founded in 1933.

In the USA the pattern was similar with the establishment of the Portland Cement Association (PCA) and American Concrete Institute (ACI).

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Hardback
Imprint Whittles Publishing
Publication Date 15 Jan 2013
ISBN 9781849950503
Number of Pages 288

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'This is the long-awaited companion publication to Spackman's 1962 book 'Some Writers on Cement', and uses the same combination of bibliography and biography as that classic text. ...the book is aimed at those with an interest in broadening their knowledge of concrete through the lives of the engineers who pioneered reinforced concrete's development. ...contains the biographies of significant figures from the UK and USA, in the development of concrete technology and provides comprehensive bibliographical coverage of their work. As such it can be recommended to anyone who has an interest in the early literature on reinforced concrete and the men who produced it.' Concrete

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