Scottish Witches

By Lily Seafield

Format: Paperback

A book on Scottish ghosts, superstitions and folklore. It introduces you to some of Scotland's best ghosts.

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This bestselling book of Scottish ghosts, superstitions and folklore consists of stories that range in time from the seventeenth century to the recent past. In a lively, entertaining anthology, you will be introduced some of Scotland's best ghosts. Drummers, bagpipe poltergeists, hillsides, islands, battle sites, ruined churches, hotels, houses and castles - in Scotland that have escaped an odd atmosphere or a haunted appearance. In this abundant collection of over 140 stories of Scotland's rich and varied folklore, ladies, grey ladies, spectral kings and queens, mischievous ghosts, whispering ghosts, calm washerwomen and phantom dogs among many other assorted ghosts and stories. Scotland's vibrant storytelling tradition is captured here, with tales of sightings, noises, spectres past and present. The author reports sightings that have convinced the most skeptical of unbelievers. Whether of over-fertile imaginations, the desire to keep the memory of a colorful character alive, good yarn by the fi reside, or whether they are actual sightings is for you to decide.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Waverley Books
Publication Date 30 Mar 2009
ISBN 9781902407081
Number of Pages 192

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