School Daze

By Elaine McGeachy

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Ringwood Publishing

Ringwood Publishing is a small independent Scottish Publisher, based in Glasgow, dedicated to publishing quality works of Scottish fiction and non-fiction around the key national themes of politics, football, religion, money, sex and crime.

Product Description


School Daze is a hugely enjoyable romp through the social, sexual and professional dilemmas facing three recently qualified young teachers as they try to cope with the increased stresses in the modern day education world. Caitlyn, Jamie and Jennifer all share an infectious enthusiasm for and deep love of their chosen profession. Qualifying on the same course, then based in the same Glasgow Secondary School, they work hard at becoming good teachers. Facing temptations including a highly attractive male pupil, a charismatic Head Teacher and a tall, dark and handsome mysterious stranger, they try to steer an acceptable course between their professional responsibilities and their desire for a fulfilling social life. With great sensitivity and a refreshing absence of sensationalism, School Daze tackles the vexed issue of why smart, attractive young teachers risk reputation and career by romantic involvement with pupils.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Ringwood Publishing
Publication Date 2 Apr 2014
ISBN 9781901514100
Number of Pages 375

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