Saint Paul

Life, Epistles and Teaching

By Emil Bock

Translator: Maria St Goar

Format: Paperback

Offers a spiritual dimension to Paul's background and provides a deeper understanding of this great Christian figure and his teaching.

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Floris Books

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Product Description


Describing the environment into which Saul was born, his education, his conversion before Damascus and his subsequent journeys, Bock's study gives a spiritual dimension to Paul's background, providing a deeper understanding of this great Christian figure and his teaching.

Above all he shows that Paul was the apostle who carried Christianity beyond the Jewish communities to humanity at large. As a zealous Jew, Paul was convinced he was serving the coming Messiah in his persecution of the followers of Jesus.

When the light suddenly came to him before Damascus, his innermost being was opened. Paul shows that the time of the Law of Moses had run its course and conscience as 'inner jurisdiction' was now to replace the rules and laws imposed from without.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Floris Books
Publication Date 24 Nov 2005
ISBN 9780863155369
Number of Pages 384

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