Robert Wilson

For me, walking is a means of escape from the modern world. I live on the western edge of London, just a few minutes drive from the M40, my escape route to Bucks, Berks and Wiltshire.
I have been a regular weekend and holiday walker for over 20 years and have covered Bucks and Berks for Country Walking magazine's 'Down Your Way' section since 1990. On holidays further afield, I have been walking on Skye, the Torridon Hills, Austria, Italy (the Dolomites and the Abruzzo), France, Andorra and the Alpujarras.

What I love about walking in these areas is the variety of scenery, the Chiltern beechwoods in Autumn, pretty villages with traditional pubs serving real ale, the tranquil Kennett & Avon canal and the downlands of West Berkshire and Wiltshire. In the summer, walking on the Downs has dream like qualities with wide blue skies and little fluffy clouds, while on a dull winters day with light rain brings out a more sinister character.

Wiltshire is the county of myths and legends, the mystical west! with white horses on the downs overlooking the villages, Avebury and other prehistoric monuments.