Penny Bonsall

Graham Davis is Professor of History at Bath Spa University. He has been the author or editor of a number of books and articles on Bath's history including Memoirs of a Street Urchin (1985), Bath Beyond the Guide Book (1988), co-author with Penny Bonsall of Bath: A New History (1996), and is currently working on a collection of essays entitled Bath Exposed! He has also written extensively on Irish migration: The Irish in Britain, 1815-1914 (1991) and the award winning Land!: Irish Pioneers in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas (2002). Graham Davis was born in Cheltenham, grew up in Gloucester and has lived in and around Bath since 1968. He graduated from the University of Birmingham and completed his postgraduate studies at the University of Bath. Dr Penny Bonsall is a freelance historical researcher with a special interest in the Bath region. After graduating from Bath Spa University, she completed her postgraduate studies at the University of Warwick and in 1995-96 was a junior research fellow at the Institute for Irish Studies, The Queen's University of Belfast, and worked in higher education as a research assistant and part-time lecturer in local history. Her publications include articles on the labour history of the Somerset miners in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and The Irish RMs: The Resident Magistrates in the British Administration of Ireland (Dublin, 1997). Penny Bonsall was born in Bristol and grew up in north-west Somerset. She has lived in north-east Somerset for the past forty years and now lives near Peasedown St John.