Peacock's Alibi

By Stuart David

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Birlinn Limited

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Peacock Johnson's got an idea that's guaranteed to make him rich, and a friend who's willing to invest in the idea.

But Peacock's having some difficulty laying the groundwork for his less-than-legal enterprise. Local homicide detective Duncan McFadgen is convinced that Peacock is responsible for a recent murder, and is constantly on Peacock's tail, badgering him with questions and trying to break his alibi for the night of the murder.

Peacock's path to riches seems to be vanishing into the ether and then things begin to seriously unravel . . .

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Birlinn Limited
Publication Date 8 Mar 2018
ISBN 9781846974113
Number of Pages 224

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Press Reviews

‘A pacy thriller with an above-average laugh count…David has created a gem in the loveable rogue Peacock' 

'it's good fast-paced fun'

'Stuart David has brought his characters to life with ease. Peacock is witty, humorous and relatable. A light-hearted and gripping story that keeps the reader on their toes'

'If Stuart David ever gives up the day job, pop music's loss would be literature's gain'

'Peacock and Bev are fantastic characters. Very excited to see them back'

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