Pascal Dennis

Pascal is a professional engineer, author, and advisor to companies making the Lean leap. He developed his Lean skills at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada and by working with Lean masters in North America and Japan. In leadership positions at TMMC, he supported the launching of several new models and the hiring and training of 2,000 new team members. He has supported Lean implementation at leading international companies in sectors as diverse as automotive, process industries, heavy equipment, construction, and health care. Pascal aids companies implementing Lean through Lean Pathways, Inc.

The focus of his Lean implementation work is strategic planning and execution (strategy deployment), quality, delivery and cost management, health and safety, and business process improvement. In addition to Getting the Right Things Done, Pascal is also the author of Lean Production Simplified and Andy & Me: Crisis and Transformation on the Lean Journey, which have also both won Shingo Research Prizes. His latest book is The Remedy: Bringing Lean Thinking Out of the Factory to Transform the Entire Organization.

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