My First Encyclopedia of Why?

By Sophie Lamoureux

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Moonlight Publishing

Moonlight Publishing was founded in 1980 to create a new kind of information books for young children. Their aim is to explain how things work and how different facts are related to one another, why the world is as it is and why people and things interact in everyday life as they do.

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Why is a storm noisy? Why do trees lose their leaves in autumn? Why are there mountains? Why do we have a belly button? What are flamingos pink? Why don't boats sink? Why is seawater salty? This book provides clear answers to many questions that children ask, but also invites them to explore further and to ask many more questions. These clear and concise answers to 150 questions about animals, the human body, and the Earth and sky are accompanied by more than 200 detailed and lifelike illustrations that help children visualize and contextualize the answers. Many of the larger illustrations are labeled, enabling children to build their vocabulary, and there is a quiz at the end of the book

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Additional Information

Format Spiral bound
Imprint Moonlight Publishing
Publication Date 25 Aug 2016
ISBN 9781851034420
Number of Pages 68

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