Mistletoe Therapy for Cancer

By Johannes Wilkens, Gert Böhm

Translator: Peter Clemm

Format: Paperback

Describes thirteen host trees and how the different characteristics of mistletoe growing on each of them might benefit particular cancer patients.

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Floris Books

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Mistletoe is a parasitic evergreen plant that lives on trees such apple and elm. Modern complementary therapies for cancer increasingly make use of mistletoe preparations. However, because mistletoe grows on many different trees, the properties of the plant vary according to the host tree. For the first time, this book presents an important reference for practitioners on the characteristics of each type of mistletoe, and what kind of cancers they are best suited to treat.Thirteen host trees are described, covering all aspects from mythology and botany to homeopathy and flower essences. The author then pulls the various characteristics together to provide a unique guide to which patients might benefit most from the different types of mistletoe. The results will be useful not only in treating cancer but also in prevention.The book includes specific case-studies as well as notes on supplementary therapies using metals.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Floris Books
Publication Date 8 Jul 2010
ISBN 9780863157394
Number of Pages 168

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Press Reviews

"The book is written in an accessible form and gives an important insight into a remarakable plant and its use in fighting cancer."-- Valerie Taylor, New View"For those who know nothing about the role of mistletoe therapy in cancer, this book is quite a revelation, and comes within the tradition of anthroposophical medicine established by Rudolf Steiner... The book presents a balanced view of the evidence for the healing power of mistletoe, and is particularly interesting in its suggestion that cancer prone people as well as patients can be inoculated... At a time when interventions are costly and frequently traumatic, it seems well worth investigating this line of therapy, especially since it does not seem to have any so-called side-effects.'-- David Lormier, Scientific and Medical Network Review'Mistletoe therapy for cancer is a work in progress and Dr Wilkens' efforts present a valuable attempt to develop a joined-up rationale for mistletoe therapy - and both patients and practitioners will find valuable material in this book.'--Positive Health Online

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