Mil san Ti?

By Seonag Monk

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Acair Ltd

Acair publish a wide range of Gaelic, English and Bilingual books. From the adventures of Rosie Rabbit and Mr Bear, to the writings of Sorley MacLean and Iain Crichton-Smith they have something for everyone.

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Tha Sìle Armstrong toilichte.  Tha i tana, bòidheach, le beatha  ghleansach còmhla ris an duine bheartach aice, Seumas. Tha i gu math nas toilichte na a piuthar Fiona, a tha cho reamhar sluisgeach agus pòsta ris a' phloc ud, Fearghas.  Chan eil Fiona a' ceasnachadh co-dhiù a tha i toilichte gus nach eil, i a' gàireachdaich 's a' cumail a-mach às an rathad air beul biorach a peathar-chèile, Nora. 

Chan eil Nora toilichte. Tha Nora a' ruith taigh-aoigheachd.

 'Mil san Tì?' is Seonag Monk's first book in Acair's Aiteal series of novels, which focuses on the life of three women who go through some tumultuous times. A compelling read, this book proves Gaelic fiction is up there with the best!

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Additional Information

Format Multiple Formats
Imprint Acair Ltd
Publication Date 23 Nov 2016
SKU 9780861525812-grouped
Number of Pages 222

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