A History

By Jeremy Black

Format: Hardback

London was the first modern city, with the world's highest wages and the best standard of living for those in work. This narrative history of London gives insight into London's 2,000 years of history.

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Everyone thinks they know London. Its landmarks have been used in a hundred films, its skyline and riverscape instantly recognisable. For London has been at the centre of the nation's attention, on and off, for two thousand years. Yet familiarity does not necessarily bring enlightenment. The very size and bedevilling complexity of the city have the power to obscure and to mesmerise; the unparalleled tangle of experience over such a long period of time can seem impossible to unravel. What, then, was London? It was a capital city, a major port, an economic powerhouse, a magnet for talent and ambition. It was wealthy, populous, central to the nation, cosmopolitan yet self-absorbed and inward-looking. People have always migrated to London, from elsewhere in Britain as well as overseas, either to work or to seek a better life. London was the first modern city, with the world's highest wages and the best standard of living for those in work. Yet London could just as easily be portrayed as a sink of depravity, a seething snakepit of avarice, prostitution and vice, with high death rates and pockets of great poverty and despair.

In fact, of course, we cannot really talk of one London at all. Properly speaking, the City - the ancient walled city rather than the financiers' Square Mile of today - is the true London, with its City wards, aldermen, sheriffs and lord mayor, city walls and Tower. But when we think of London now, we casually and understandably include much else besides, including the separate City of Westminster and the no less ancient 'Borough' of Southwark. This new narrative history of London pulls together all of these varied themes - and many others - with great skill, perspective and clarity. Fully illustrated, it gives the most complete and accessible insight into London's 2,000 years of history currently available.

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Additional Information

Format Hardback
Imprint Carnegie Publishing
Publication Date 5 Nov 2009
ISBN 9781859361726
Number of Pages 448

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"London: A History" by Jeremy Black is a beautifully illustrated compendium history that starts at the beginning of London as a settlement and follows through until now. The photographs, maps and paintings make this one history that will keep you turning the pages. A professor of history at Exeter College and the University of Durham, Black is well qualified to write this excellent work, as a graduate of Cambridge and Oxford.His writing style is very interesting, not the boring histories of yore but one which will keep you wanting to read and absorb all you can about this wonderful city. I highly recommend it for any history buff and for anyone who enjoyed the Olympics 2012 in London. Very timely and beautifully done!

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