Living with Invisible People

A Karmic Autobiography

By Jostein Saether

Translator: J. Collis

Format: Paperback

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Clairview Books

Clairview Books is an independent publishing company with a focus on cutting-edge, challenging non-fiction books. Whether on current affairs, health, the arts, science or spirituality, their books question conventional thinking, dogmas and all forms of received wisdom. Their list features some big names, such as world leader Mikhail Gorbachev, literary giant Gore Vidal, modern artist Joseph Beuys, birthing guru Michel Odent, and many more.

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After working methodically with meditative exercises for a number of years, Jostein Saether began to experience many of his past lives. In this extraordinary book, he gives vivid descriptions of past incarnations, and shows how they metamorphosed into elements in his current life. Beginning with episodes from his present life leading up to his spiritual break-through, Saether takes us on a journey starting in Lemuria and Atlantis, through the cultures of Egypt, Crete, India, and Greece to early Christianity, the Middle Ages, and up to the nineteenth century. He also gives descriptions of many other spiritual experiences, and reflects on karmic investigation as an art and science.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Clairview Books
Publication Date 31 Aug 2001
ISBN 9781902636269
Number of Pages 320

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