Light on Dumyat

By Rennie McOwan

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Rowan Tree Publishing

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Light on Dumyat by Rennie McOwan – a brand new illustrated edition of a children’s classic.

Gavin studied the hills, they remained black and silent. The light flashed again. He saw it clearly. But who would have a light? No one lived there. No one burned a light at night up in those lonely hills without reason.

Reaching for a pencil Gavin scribbled a tiny arrow on the wallpaper at the side of his bedroom window.

It pointed to where he had last seen the light. It was a funny sort of light thought Gavin as he drifted off to sleep. It was almost as if some one had opened the door of a lighted room and then shut it again

Enjoyed by generations of children and now in its fifth edition, this well-loved adventure novel has been specially illustrated for a new young readership.

Gavin’s adventure begins when his family holiday is cancelled. He is sent instead to visit his Aunt Elspeth and Uncle Fergus at their large country house in the Scottish countryside. Gavin is truly excited – he had never been to Scotland and his parents have bought him lots of out door clothes, boots, a head torch, a sleeping bag and camping kit. As Gavin travels north by train from London he is full of anticipation but a little apprehensive – he has never met Aunt Elspeth and Uncle Fergus before.

On Gavin’s first night away, he sees a mysterious light on a nearby mountain and decides the following day to find its source. The journey of discovery leads him to encounter the Stewart children and they set him a challenge – if he passes a series of tests Gavin can join their Clan. The Stewart children are confident that Gavin will not be successful but Gavin has other ideas. Whilst this plot of challenge, issued and faced, gets under way, another plot line begins … A mysterious stranger is spotted by the children on the mountainside – there is an air of menace about this man and something clandestine. His particular focus seems to be on Aunt Elspeth and Uncle Fergus’ house. What the Stewart children don’t know, but what Gavin does, and is sworn to secrecy is that Uncle Fergus had a major collection of ancient Scottish silver objects in the house. Silver is his area of expertise and he is curating a unique museum collection. The inevitable happens, and side by side with Gavin’s challenge a ruthless gang attacks the house and Gavin ultimately is taken prisoner. The clan comes to the rescue using all their outdoors skills. Bravery wins the day.

Light on Dumyat is the first book in a series of four and introduces the key characters Gavin and the Stewart children. The novels major on children playing freely in the countryside; building hideouts; at one with their environment; being self-reliant and confident. The books are classic tales of adventure, friendship and courage and have been used widely in schools both in the UK, Australia, the United States and Canada.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Rowan Tree Publishing
Publication Date 3 Nov 2016
ISBN 9780956230706
Number of Pages 176

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