Life is an Obstacle Course

Wisdom from the Book of James on Living an Overcoming Life

By Andrew Owen

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Lighthouse Publishing

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In this book seasoned pastor Andrew Owen opens up the book of James and draws out a wealth of advice on 'doing life'. James committed a great deal of space in his epistle to helping believers who were struggling to cope with various trials and tribulations. In short, he was teaching them how to live an 'overcoming' life. Not a triumphalistic or reality-denying life, but one that acknowledges, in the midst of lifes trials and difficulties, that there is a God who is bigger than all our circumstances and challenges. Jamess topics included overcoming sickness and weakness, oppression, deception, sin, trials and tribulations and a negative lifestyle. Author Andrew Owen illuminates these biblical truths in a simple and profound way and aims to help readers live out their faith successfully in an often hostile environment.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Lighthouse Publishing
Publication Date 1 Jul 2008
ISBN 9781905991136
Number of Pages 128

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