Life is a Joke

A Writer's Memoir

By Rosemary Friedman

Format: Paperback

An optimistic, poignant and often very funny account of how creativity can banish the disagreeables that permeate life - 'a sexually transmitted disease with a hundred per cent mortality.'

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The hazards and secrets of the book trade and writing for television and the theatre are revealed and co-mingle with the joys of travel, family and entertaining. The alarums and excursions of an arson attack and the efforts to ease the lot of fellow writers imprisoned for their beliefs in democracy are eclipsed temporarily as Rosemary Friedman emerges from the valley of the shadow of death into which she is unexpectedly precipitated. With her skill and acute eye she takes us behind the scenes of the theatre (in which applause is the writer's personal laurel wreath) and lets us into the machinations of auditions, directors and stage managers and the dynamics of plays themselves in which every actor is expected to be 'dead letter perfect'. In summing up she concludes (with WS Gilbert) that life ' - is a joke that's just begun'.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Arcadia Books
Publication Date 4 Nov 2010
ISBN 9781906413811
Number of Pages 230

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Praise for Life is a Joke - A Writer's Memoirs: 'I like the intelligence of the book, and the precision, understanding and, most important of all, the wisdom of the comments - on the contemporary scene' Francis King Praise for the author: 'Up-to-date and entertaining' Daily Telegraph 'As affecting as it is intelligent' FT 'Confident, sensitive and marvellously satisfying' The Times 'Sheer pleasure' Literary Review

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