Lee and the Consul Mutants

By Keith A. Charters

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Strident Publishing

Strident is the home of fiction with bite. They publish novels for children aged 7+, teenagers, young adults and adults. And they don't just like the extraordinary, they aim for it. Their list is intentionally eclectic, with comedy alongside gripping fantasy and adrenaline-fuelled adventure alongside the existential. Variety is indeed the spice of life.

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It's not every day that a part of your body explodes. But ten-year-old Lee's appendix does just that, landing him in hospital.

After his operation, Lee discovers that being in hospital has its bright side. But his world turns dark again when he uncovers a fiendish plot by the white-coated Consul Mutants to take over the world.

Other kids might quake in their boots at this news, but not Lee. He's determined to save the planet and formulates a cunning plan to stop the alien invasion.

Lee & the Consul Mutants is the story of a fearless boy bat­tling against intergalactic odds for the sake of man­kind. Lee's only weapon is his intelligence…

…which is a pity.

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Additional Information

Format Multiple Formats
Imprint Strident Publishing
Publication Date 2 Nov 2010
SKU 9781905537242-grouped
Number of Pages 188

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