John Napier

Logarithm John

By Lynne Gladstone-Millar

Format: Paperback

Inventor of logarithms, John Napier made one of the greatest advances in the history of mathematics. The 16th century Scot was also a remarkable astronomer. This new edition has been redesigned and has a new cover.

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When John Napier published his invention of logarithms in 1614 he was announcing one of the greatest advances in the history of mathematics, and log tables were used universally until the mid 1970s. With his Rabdologia, an ingenious calculating tool composed of numbered rods which came to be known as 'Napier's Bones', he enabled people in the marketplace to do multiplication sums without knowing any multiplication tables. Perhaps the most extraordinary thing about this most extrordinary man was that his great inventions were made without the stimulus of talking to other mathematicians in mainstream Europe. Working away in comparative isolation in a tower house in Scotland, Napier produced methods of calculation that literally changed lives all over the world. He is the father of the slide-rule and the grandfather of today's calculators. Despite his achievements, he remains curiously uncelebrated, and this absorbing story of his life aims to give John Napier his true status. This new edition has been redesigned in a new format and has a new cover.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint National Museums of Scotland Enterprises - Publishing
Publication Date 23 Apr 2013
ISBN 9781905267668
Number of Pages 80

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Review of first edition: 'What a wonderful little book; it is beautifully written and has wonderful photographs and illustrations ... Moreover it accomplishes its purpose, to give us a glimpse into the nature and times of John Napier.' History of Mathematics Newsletter

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